About us

Passionate about specialty coffee, we are a company with 8 years that seeks excellence in each cup and share our knowledge to raise quality standards throughout Latin America. We are roasters and we currently have two coffee shops (to open a third), an online store with shipments throughout the country, a training center, and we have a YouTube channel with 270,000 followers where we share the story behind coffee and teach how to improve preparations both at home as in coffee shops around the world.


We are Gabriel and Martina, two young entrepreneurs who discovered specialty coffee on a trip through San Francisco and it became our passion. We decided to leave everything to dedicate ourselves to coffee. In 2014, doing research, we understood that Australia is the mecca for specialty coffee, we quit our jobs and went to Sydney to take courses and learn as much as possible. We were lucky to work with the best baristas and roasters from whom we acquired a lot of techniques and knowledge, managing to gain experience working in different coffee shops and learning everything from the inside.

In 2016 we returned to Buenos Aires and 6 months later we opened our first coffee shop in Recoleta, always from our passion for coffee we transmit knowledge to the client, training them on why we do things differently from other coffee shops, obtaining very loyal customers who continue to accompany us in this path. In March 2020, we opened our second location in Tortugas Country Club with great joy and expectations to continue growing and spreading our passion for coffee. After weeks the quarantine and we went through difficult moments of uncertainty, but we quickly decided to act and began to share our passion through YouTube, teaching how to prepare the best coffee at home. We got excellent feedback from our clients and we started to gain a lot of followers, not only from Buenos Aires, but from Argentina and all of Latin America. At the beginning of 2021 we achieved a huge goal that we set ourselves since the day we embarked on this project, roasting our own coffee! After several courses with coffee guru Scott Rao, we began to roast our coffee for our coffee shops and customers throughout Argentina

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